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KohzzyJo is an anime-related YouTube channel which mainly focuses on anime reviews and news. Sometimes he will upload other things that relates to anime such as previews and announcements. He might change the channel up by uploading gaming reviews in the near future. He just got to see. He enjoys anime and with this channel, he is able to express hiself and let his thoughts be heard to others. He encourages you to free to criticize. This is a new thing that he is attempting and I highly encourage you guys to give feedback. He will try and have a new video weekly. If he don't upload a new video in a week, its because of his busy school and daily life schedule. He will try my best to deliver. Also, he encourages you to add me on MAL if you like.


  1. Anime Reviews
  2. Anime Announcements
  3. Anime News
  4. AMV'S
  5. Gaming Reviews(potential for the future)