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Nothing Much

―Kris Fox (end of videos)

Christopher Osbourne known as Kris Fox is a YouTuber from New Zealand, born on April 23, 1993. Kris Fox is known for his hilarious jokes, fun personality and also his ability to generate laughter. Some popular videos by Kris Fox includes "Ghetto Test -ft. Shaaanxo and Sally Jo", "GRWM in the Hood" and "Creamy Contour Routine".

Personal life

Kris came up with his common saying "Fierce and Flossy" when he was sixteen years old. Kris Fox also begun posting YouTube videos when he was 20. He recieved views of 800+ when he just began. Until 2014, Kris Fox recieves views with over 13,000+. Kris Fox lives in Auckland, New Zealand with his parents.


Kris Fox mainly tweets or statuses these hastags:

  1. FierceAndFlossy
  1. NothingMuch
  1. OnFleekForTheDeek

Although, in his videos he uses numerous hashtags that he doesn't use (with exception of being in the video). For example he would use:

  1. MerryChristmasHoes -In Keeping up with Mrs. Claus
  1. PikABoo -In Surviving Horror Movies
  1. NomNom -In Akinator is Racist

And so on and so forth.

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