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'Robert Jay Perez, (born April 28, 1990 (1990-04-28) [age 27]) known on YouTube as Jay from the Kubz Scouts or simply Jay. He's half Filipino and half American, he's a YouTuber who became famous because of his video series titled "Yandere Simulator Myths" He is also a Let's Player and a comedian, who makes challenge videos of the games he plays, that his viewers send to him.


Born in Virginia, Jay lived in Japan for over ten years before living in California.

Played Games

  • Yandere Simulator- Plays myths and mods about the game (Often plays when there are Major updates, or updates that he, personally, likes, and wants us to see etc. the new bullies, the change of layout)
  • Burning Love- Played the game
  • Slime Rancher- Used to play myths, currently playing
  • Night in the Woods- Currently playing
  • Bendy and the Ink Machine- Currently playing
  • Persona 3 FES- Played the Series
  • Persona 4- Played the Series
  • Persona 5- Currently playing
  • Life is Strange- Played the series
  • Before the storm- Played the series
  • Kindergarten- Played the story and myths about the game
  • 60 seconds- Plays challenge videos suggested by his fans
  • Hello Neighbor- Plays myths
  • Bully- Played the Series
  • Fran Bow- Played the series
  • South Park: Stick of Truth- Played the series
  • South Park: The Fractured but Whole- Played the series
  • Beyond Two Souls- Played the series
  • The Walking Dead- Played all 3 seasons
  • The Wolf Among Us- Played the series
  • The Witch's House- Played the series
  • Deadpool- Played the series
  • Heavy Rain- Played the series
  • Detention- Played the series
  • Little Inferno- Played the series
  • Catherine- Played the series
  • Cuphead- Played the series
  • This War of Mine- Played the series
  • The Last Of Us- Played the series
  • Papers, please- Played the series
  • Superhot- Played the series
  • Home Sweet Home- Played the series
  • Emily Wants to Play- Played the series
  • Emily Wants to Play Too- Played the series
  • Doki Doki Literature Club- Played the series
  • 911 Operator Simulator- Played the game


The name "Kubz Scouts" was the idea of Jay's girlfriend and the other founder of the channel, Nini Hebron. She handles the streams on Twitch and manages the Instagram account.


The logo of the Kubz Scouts channel.

Jay once said that he's part of the Kubz Scouts community and he's not the Kubz Scouts; he doesn't want people to call him by that name.

The channel hit 1 million subscribers on September 8, 2016.

The Kubz Scouts also has a backup account called BACKUPZ ACCOUNT . Originally, 'Backupz account' was Jay's first channel, before he got community strikes for the content in one of his videos. Another strike would've forced him to stop using his account because of a game called 'Date Ariane' which as well, brought about the channel's popularity. Jay was made to avoid playing the dating sim game, because of the threat to his channel and lost a lot of subscribers because of this. Jay had considered shutting down his channel because of the strikes as well, that put a limit on how long his videos would be.

He then created the channel 'Kubz Scouts' in September 2014, though uploaded videos in November because few people who were subscribed to his old channel, chose to see his new channel. His channel grew through different games. On May 2nd, 2015, when Jay started uploading the game Yandere Simulator, that became one of the most popular series on his channel. In addition, his channel grew because of some of his videos of Akinator. In July 2015, Jay started a series called 60 Seconds, which became his second most popular series on his channel. In August, Jay started playing Catherine, however, it wasn't as popular as other series he uploaded. It introduced him to Atlus's games such as Persona 3 and 4. Since the growth of his channel, Jay's channel has focused more on stealth, decision making and horror games, such as the Walking Dead, The Last of Us and Beyond Two Souls.


  • Jay was born in Virginia, but he lives in San Diego, California.
  • He is half Filipino, but he has only been to the Phillippines about 3 or 4 times.
  • Jay lived in Japan for over 10 years [1]. He lived on a military base because his parents were in the military.
  • One of Jay's hobbies is basketball.
  • His favorite game he has played so far on the channel is Catherine.
  • Jay's favourite YouTubers are: Gloomgames, TheAnimeMan, Dashiegames, Jacksepticeye, James Rolfe, JSE, Angry Video Game Nerd, Pewdiepie.
  • He's been together with Nini for 7 years now.
  • He's claimed that he has played the Cello, and was the first seat out of three other cello players.
  • Jay‘s head is bigger than his Rachel Amber Poster when he‘s standing up but it's higher than him when he‘s sitting down.
  • He is Also Known As "THAT DUDE".
  • Jay's shoe size is 12.
  • Jay hates peanuts, especially in his chocolate.