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John Lugo, better known online as Kushowa, is a Gaming & Reaction YouTuber.


He joined YouTube on April 17, 2014, and since then has become more popular. His channel mainly is consisted with him playing video games, and him reacting to other YouTube Videos. However, he is most famous for his reacting. He is especially well known for his reactions to the videos from SuperMarioLogan. He also reacts to other videos, such as videos from Markiplier.


What sets him apart from other reaction YouTubers is that he is somewhat emotional and easily disturbed, and takes things, even fictional things, on a personal level. This is what makes him such a good candidate for reacting, because he gets deep into it. For example, when reacting to a video from RackaRacka, he gets freaked out when a child dies in the video, and yells to the other children (who can't hear him) to run away. Another good example is that he actually cried in the Draw My Life video of SuperMarioLogan.