LM670-4 (Born July 15, 2001) is a Slovenian Youtuber. He mainly creates car & track showcases in various video games, including Grand Theft Auto, Need for Speed, and many others.


He uploaded his first video, titled NFS Hot Pursuit - Mazda RX-8, on March 31, 2015. In the next couple of weeks, he uploaded more NFS Hot Pursuit car showcases but his views significantly increased when he started uploading GTA 5 car showcases.

Since then, he has branched out to more games, such as the Driver series, GRID series, and other GTA & NFS games.

Current Status

Most of his 1000+ views videos are GTA 5 and GTA 4 car showcases, but there are a few on other games, such as the NFS Undercover - BMW M3 (E92) and NFS Underground - Mitsubishi Eclipse videos.

As of March 2018, he has 1,000,000+ views on all videos combined.