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Spencer Morgan, known on YouTube as LZRD WZRD is a YouTuber who makes review and analysis videos of Erin Hunter's young adult book series called "Warriors" as well as other various forms of artistic media. He is part of a YouTube social group known as "VidClan" including a few other people who make Warriors content on Youtube. He has a strong love for the character "Jayfeather" which is often expressed throughout his videos. LZRD WZRD also shows a strong interest in history, ethics and politics. He currently has over 25,000 subscribers and counting.

Warriors Videos

LZRD WZRD's Warriors videos are his most popular and most frequent type of uploads. He has made a series called "Analyzing Warrior Cats" in which he reviews and analyzes Erin Hunter's Warriors young adult book series. His goal with these videos is to find out and teach others what these books do so well and how they can apply it to their own writing. He sometimes also wants to make his viewers think about the videos topic for themselves, to make them create their own opinion. He hosts a podc
CatCast 1 With Tom

CatCast 1 With Tom

ast series called "CatCast" where him and his guests that he invites (mostly his friends in Vidclan) talk about Warriors, but usually get sidetracked to talk about many random topics. The podcast is more focused toward adult viewers, as drinking, swearing and other mature themes are often present in them.

Other Videos

LZRD WZRD has created many other analysis and review videos on other forms of media. These include "The Cronicles of Narnia," "My Little Pony - Friendship is Magic," "Zootopia," and many more. He has also started a Nuzlocke of Pokemon LeafGreen called the "Magical Mystery Nuzlocke."


LZRD WZRD is usually considered as intelligent, funny and confident while also being very nerdy. However, LZRD WZRD often portrays himself in an "inflated-ego" type of persona, ususally for comedic purposes. This has led to many inside jokes and memes being created around him.

Original Characters

LZRD WZRD uses an animated figure in most of his analizing videos to act as the narrator of the viedo. But he also sometimes films himself in Real Life to comment on certain topics.

In the first videos on his channel he used an orange, yellow eyed, Lizard wearing a blue magician's hat with stars on it, to portray himself. As his content got more centralised around the "warriors" series in the beginning of 2016 he changed it to a cat with the same colour scheme, but wearing a blue neckerchief with stars, instead of his hat, which he now uses as his profile pic.


  • Along with Jayfeather, Cinderpelt is also one of his favourite characters in Warriors
  • LZRD WZRD has a girlfriend who plays different kinds of sports and was also his guest in one of his videos
  • CatCast was thought up by Tom (known as DAT ASS is CASH) after he became one of his Patreons
  • LZRD WZRD often brings up political issues he has on his Twitter