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Born on April 25 1988,

Lancey is a variety gaming YouTuber. He calls his Subscribers "Legionnaires" and primarily plays with his gaming crew the YesMen (Arcaviouse, Caboose967, Redbeard, RippedRick).  

Minecraft Skin

He also has an alternate personality named Eddie who appears in many of his videos.                                                  

Active Series

  • Minecraft
    • Hardcore: Evolved
    • Lost at Sea (role play)
    • Knights of the Squaretable 2 (role play)
    • Sky Factory 2
    • Minecity
  • GTA
  • Spore
  • The Forest
  • Ark: Survival Evolved

Previous Series

  • Meat Castle (FTB Direwolf20 w/additional mods; w/SSundee)
  • Lost ft. MisterCrainer
  • Daily Dose Crash Landings (FTB Pack)
  • GTA Server (w/SSundee)
  • Minecraft Minis
  • Minescape Server
  • World Of Minecraft Server
  • Civcraft Serve
  • 7 Ways to Die
  • Mount & Blade: Warband
  • CrazyCraft
  • Rescued
  • SkyBlock
  • SkyBlock 2.0
  • Blast Off
  • JediCraft
  • TolkienCraft
  • Prison Break
  • Crashed
  • Outcasts ft. RippedRick
  • Blood 'n Bones Hardcore
  • World Of Minecraft
  • CivCraft
  • Naked Runs
  • Minecraft: Minigames
  • Zero Gravity (FTB: Unleashed)
  • Minecraft FTB Bootcamp (Modded Minecraft Tutorials)
  • Hardcore Series
  • Hardcore 2.0 (FTB: Monster)

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