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Larry Abraham (born February 12, 1964 [age 53]) also known as Uncle Larry is a Theresa Ridgway's brother, Jesse's uncle and Tom's father. Larry was born on February 13. After Jesse got kicked out of The Ridgway Residence, he allows him to stay at his house. Larry seems to be one of the few members of the family who is kind and nice, qualities apparently lacking in the majority of Jesse's family. He serves as the deuteragonist after Jesse's moved to his house and a supporting protagonist turned deuteragonist throughout the Psycho Series. He also has a YouTube channel called "Larry's Lounge

Early life

Larry grew up with two brothers and three sisters. When he was around 8 years old he got into basketball after his brothers introduced him. Larry worked for his father's canvas business and dropped out of college at 18 to work the business with two of his sisters. When he was 19 years old, he was taken to court for a harassment charge. His older brother passed away a few years before the start of his YouTube channel.