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David Moss (born April 24, 1984 (1984-04-24) [age 33]) known on YouTube as Lasercorn. He, like TheJovenshire & Sohinki , were member of Clevver Games until they came over to SmoshGames in 2012. David is married and has a son, but his wife has not been shown on video but has been in many pictures. On February 26, 2013 he created his own channel and uploads videos at least once a week.


David Moss made an appearance on the series premiere episode of the nickelodeon show Game Shakers on September 15, 2015 as himself.


  • Lasercorn's channel is mainly known for his modded videos, showcasing games such as GTA IV, Left 4 Dead, Skyrim, and Minecraft being modded. His videos were even showcased in "TOP 5 MOST AWKWARD LOVE SCENES IN GAMING," "TOP 5 MODS," and "TOP 5 MOST ROMANTIC LOVE SCENES IN GAMING."
  • Most of the Smosh Games crew has been featured on his channel, including Sohinki, Jovenshire, and Wes.
  • His channel currently has 600,000+ subscribers, the most out of all the other Smosh Games personal channels. At 200,000 subscribers, Lasercorn posted a video titled "RIOT SHIELD MAN in The Korean Krisis!" This was a parody of his previous series on Clevver Games, Riot Shield Man.
    • Sohinki and Jovenshire also appeared in this video as Knife Man Guy and Kim Jon Un respectively.
    • Lasercorn is known for a hate of balls.

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