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John Oliver (born April 23, 1977) is the host of Last Week Tonight, an American late-night talk show and satirical news show, hosted by the English comedian. As of July 2015, the channel has over 2 Million subscribers and over 335 million total video views.


The actual episodes of Last Week Tonight are about half an hour long. While the full episodes are not uploaded onto YouTube, segments anywhere from 2–19 minutes long will be uploaded, as well as "Web Exclusives" when the show is taking a week off.

Oliver's content consists of news information being presented and discusses in a satirical matter, often to make a point on political, social, or economic injustice. Most of his content relates to American topics.

His work has allowed him to get an interview with Edward Snowden in Moscow, where they discussed the motives and consequences for Snowden's actions.

One of his most famous videos was his episode on net neutrality, in which he encourages the commenters of the Internet to defend it.