Greetings sirs and sirettes

―Video intro.

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Lathland is a gaming YouTuber. Although is channel name is Lathland, however, he is generally known as Lathrix instead, and has a variety of other aliases including Lathrid. He plays games such as Robocraft, From the Depths, Stonehearth, Factorio, Plague Inc: Evolved, and many more. The most popular game played on his channel is From the Depths, although his channel was built from Plague, Inc.. Currently, he has 121,000+ subscribers. He calls his fanbase "sirs and sirettes".


"Thank you for watching sirs and sirettes and goodbye do take care and have a nice day" -Video outro

Plague Inc: Evolved

As said before, he plays Plague Inc. Evolved, and has 201 episodes. Before Plague Inc: Evolved, he was playing Plague Inc., and his 6th video was Plague Inc.

His favorite custom scenario of 2014 is "The Thing", as seen in his video Plague Inc: Evolved - Top 5 Custom Scenarios Of 2014!

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