Lauren Cherie Southern (born June 15, 1995, 21 years old), is a Canadian libertarian activist, political commentator, and writer for The Rebel Media, a Conadian online media company.  In 2015, she was a candidate in the Canadian Federal Election representing the Libertarian Party of Canada.  Party officials suspended Southern's campaign over controversal issues, but she was reinstated after public outcry.  Southern studies Political Science at the University of the Fraser Valley.  She was born in Surrey, British Columbia and is currently a resident of Langley.  

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  1. TheNewKid


In June 2015, her Rebel TV cameraman was shoved at the SlutWalk in Vancouver and her protest sign "There Is No Rape Culture In The West" was torn up while reporting on the event.  In March 2016 a protester in Vancouver poured a container of liquid assumed to be urine over Southern's head while she spoke with other protesters at rally in Vancouver.  The incident apparen tly resulted from statements Southern made about there being "only two genders."  In 2016, Southern's Facebook account was allegedly blocked after she criticized Facebook policies.  Southern initiated "The Triggering" whereby every March 9, the day after International Woman's Day, Twitter users post content deemed taboo in defense of free speech.  She has expressed advocacy for the alt-right.  

Electoral Record

[hide]Canadian federal election, 2015Langley—Aldergrove
Party Candidate Votes % ∆% Expenditures
Conservative Mark Warawa 27,333 45.6 -20.22
Liberal Leon Jensen 21,894 36.6 +27.62
New Democratic Margot Sangster 7,490 12.5 -6.85
Green Simmi Kaur Dhillon 2,644 4.4 -0.86
Libertarian Lauren Southern 535 0.9 +0.41
Total valid votes/Expense limit 59,896 100.0     $216,042.49
Total rejected ballots 204
Turnout 60,100
Eligible voters 80,360


Swing -23.92
Source: Elections Canada[17][18]

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