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A weird girl playing weird games to make you laugh.


LaurenzSide (Real name Lauren, Nickname LaLa) (Born July 7, 1989), is an American female let's player from New York City with over 608,000 subscribers who plays video games and records her reactions through audio and webcam (facecam). She is known for her playthroughs with added funny commentary and a jump-cut editing style. LaurenzSide originally joined YouTube in Feburary of 2007 as a vlogging & skit channel but stopped in December of 2008 when she left for college. On January 30, 2013 (after a 4 year hiatus) she started back up her LaurenzSide YouTube account as a comedic gaming channel. Since returning to YouTube, LaurenzSide has seen steady channel growth, is partnered with the Fullscreen network, and is well-known on the YTtalk forum website. Her most popular videos include her My Little Pony Funko Pop! Unboxing video as well as her Scariest Night in Minecraft Ever video.

On August 16, 2013 Lauren was accepted into the "BravestMiners" server started by Vengelfe. The "BravestMiners" is a private server dedicated to YouTubers and Streamers who must be approved by the group to join. Lauren has since started her own "BravestMiners" series on her channel that has done very well


Some games played on LaurenzSide's channel so far:

Cat Mario


sims 4


Happy Wheels


Mermaid Swamp


Oscar The Elephant



The Sims 4 (Fnaf themed)

Goat simulator

Five Nights at Freddy 's 2,3 and 4

Creepypasta games

The Sims 4 (Creepypasta themed)

Life is strange

Yandere Simulator

Corpse Party

Garry's Mod Murderer

Ao Oni

Dreaming Mary (RPG Maker)

Spooky's House Of Jumpscares

Creepypasta Land

Shelter:Badger Survival Game

Paranormal Game

Ib (RPG Maker Horror Game)

Outlast:Whistleblower DLC

Gaming Nostalgia

Mad Father

The Witch's House

Scribblenuts Unlimited


Mermaid Swamp

Happy Wheels

EarthBound (discountinued)

Castle Crashers (discountinued)

PokeMMO (discountinued)

Future Self

One Chance

Dungeon Nightmares

Boring Man

Laurenzside Fan Game

Girls Go Games (GGG)

YouTubers Don't Starve Together

Christmas Shopper Simulator

Draw My Thing

Escape From Lavander Town (Pokemon CreepyPasta)

Unfair Mario

Citizien Burger Disorder


Slendytubbies 2


Baking Simulator

Bewilder House

My Little Pony CreepyPasta (Luna Game)

Eyes Horror Game

DreadOut Horror Game

Impossible Quiz

Surgeon Simulator

Dog Feeding Simulator

Twerk Ball Game

I Don't Even Know

Can Your Pet

My Little Pony Horror Game (My Little Foundation)

Killing Floor 2

Five Nights at Freddys 1

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