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Stefan Maglov, known as LefkoTV on YouTube, is a Croatian YouTuber who creates top lists, creepypastas and mysteries.


His channel is created on 18 August 2015 but first video is posted on 5 September. As he says in one of videos, he created his channel thanks to YouTuber named Gledaj Ovo from whom he received many tips for recording of videos. Most videos are done by recording himself reading stories.

His first two videos have a lot of views. After first two videos he start posting videos about the unsolved mysteries (like Jack the Ripper, Bunny Man, cursed doll Annabelle etc.). On 20 November 2015 he made a video named "TOP 10: Deca Za Koju Nećete Verovati Da Postoje" [English: TOP 10: Kids You Won’t Believe Actually Exist]. That is his most viewed video with more than 600,000 views. In December 2015, he started recording creepypastas. In March 2016 he started with series named "Nerešene Misterije" [English: Unsolved Mysteries]. That is a series about some of most known unsolved mysteries. In that series, he create a video with the all facts that he could find and try to explain the mystery. He made a lot of collaborative videos with his friend, DoMoTV and other YouTubers like Gledaj Ovde, Gledaj i Uzivaj, Svet Tajni and VideoMaker.


  • Stefan lives near Vukovar, Croatia.
  • He has a brother.
  • He don't play a lot of games.
  • His nickname is Lefko.
  • His friend also have a YouTube channel named DoMoTV.