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 Charlie Goldberg aka LevelCapGaming, or as he is most commonly referred to as "Levelcap", is an American gaming YouTuber. He plays many games in the shooter genre, but is mostly known for playing games of the Battlefield franchise. He is a respected part of the Battlefield community and is good friends with:
  • Matimi0
  • jackfrags
  • XfactorGaming
  • DesertFoxAirsoft
  • ChaBoyyHD
  • DooM49
  • ImAnderZEL
  • FRANKIEonPCin1080p
  • Hank and Jed (now posting videos on Neebs Gaming YouTube channel)
  • Photos (Also named LewdDickLoL)

He also helps run a channel known as BrickVault, a YouTube channel centered around Lego sets and creations. He used to play airsoft as a hobby and made videos about airsoft matches he’s played in and airsoft guns, but he has expressed reasons why he no longer makes these videos, citing his popularity drawing too much attention to himself making it difficult to just have a nice day in the field and film quality airsoft videos

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