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Liam Dryden (Born December 28, 1989 (1989-12-28) [age 28]), is a Scottish YouTube Celebrity, actor, videographer and musician originally from Stirling, Scotland. Liam, who joined YouTube under the username "littleradge," has posted video blogs on YouTube since around Dec 2007. As of March 2014, he has a video view count of 8,163,055 and a subscriber count of 130,000+.

He currenly resides in London after graduating from Edinburgh's Napier University with a degree in English and Film.

His two best known videos are "The TRUTH about David Tennant" where he jokingly alleged that the actor is coping his look and has taken to stalking him and "CUZ I'M SCOTTISH" about Scottish stereotypes. He is also known for being a member of the Trock band "Chameleon Circuit" along with fellow bloggers </span>Charlie McDonnell,Edd Blann,Michael Aranda, and Alex Day. Liam has also acted in a webseries called "Chronicles of Syntax," which is currenly in pre-production for its second season, and can be found on the YouTube channel The Multiverse.

He has a tattoo of the Blue Lantern insignia on his right arm.

Some of his closest friends include rommate Tom Burns, Evan Edinger, and Jazza John .

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