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LifeWithErick otherwise known as Erick, is your typical YouTube Music video maker and comedian. He is well known on Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook. He hit 3,000 subscribers, and over 1 million video views! His first video ever on YouTube, which is Starships by Nicki Minaj, had reached almost 10,000 views. However, It was now deleted off YouTube because of the quality of the video. He was featured on xx7SummerCollabers every thursdays, and continued his journey on YouTube. He has been on several collabs and started her own called "iCloudLife" it is still going on today and never stop. He has also a Collab channel with his friend Jackie (Jackienatvdd) on YouTube called "Swagidie". Erick has 3 channels, Funwitherick, funwithextras , and funwithvlogs.

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