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Lightsen (born December 12, 1990), is a British YouTube animator that has been animating comedic parodies and original cartoons since July 2006.


Lightsen currently has 78,000+ subscribers and 20,000,000+ total views. Lightsen is best known for her poke'mon and Sonic the hedgehog related parodies. She has a varying schedule due to the content, but generally uploads a video every few months. Lightsen is also known for starting the original series titled: 'Lizard Cops' which is currently on hold.

Videos (most recent video, and ongoing series)

Twitch Plays Pokémon animated (2) GUYS WE NEED TO BEAT MISTY!08:01

Twitch Plays Pokémon animated (2) GUYS WE NEED TO BEAT MISTY!

(Ongoing series)

LIZARD COPS 'Grand Theft Ice-Cream'10:38

LIZARD COPS 'Grand Theft Ice-Cream'

Lizard Cops (Ongoing series)

Mega Salamence Transforms! ORAS01:15

Mega Salamence Transforms! ORAS

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