And I'm LittleThomasKid!

―Thomas' signature quote

LittleThomasKid is a Minecraft animator for Black Plasma Studios. After CJKIES  left, he became the editor for the team. His characters are Crazy Turtle and Pug, and he has created Murder, the Channel Trailer, Hypixel Says and The Best Of RoA Nitrox (although he holds dibs on Mini Walls).

Appearances in animations

Thomas appears in Survival Games. He is partnered to Wolfbit, and gets bowed down by Abraham Animations and stabbed in the head by FrediSaal. His death in Survival Games is currently the most brutal on the channel.

Thomas then appeared in SkyWars: Mega. He was mainly a background character.

In VampireZ he is the main character but is killed by the lead vampire.

He reappears in Murder, as the main character. He has cameos at the beginning. Later, he stops Crazy Turtle from killing Wouze. When Wouze dies, he tells Liza, Toriable and Crazy Turtle to split up. He appears in the standoff, and in the final battle gets rammed into the wall by the Old Man, but he crawls to the gun and as the last player, shoots the Old Man.

In Mystery Warfare, he is seen petting Pug.

In Hypixel Says, he is also the main character. He and Pug team, but Pug betrays him.

In Don't Touch! he is in various scenes.

In Paintball Warfare by NinjaCharlieT , he gets headshotted by NinjaCharlieT himself and is the first to die.


  • He loves pugs, but doesn't actually have a pug.
  • Out of the whole BPS team, he calls Toriable a doormat the most.
  • Like Sam Small, he loves tea.
  • His death in Survival Games is the most brutal death on the channel.