Jordan Earl (born May 14, 2000 (2000-05-14) [age 18]), also known as LiverpoolF4N421 , is a British YouTuber and internet gamer/comedian.


LiverpoolF4N's YouTube channel was started December 17th , 2013 . Originally he had a channel called Queenfanandmore where he would upload random trailers back in 2011. On December 23rd 2016 he uploaded a video called 2016 Highlights which gave a huge boost to his channel as he is currently sitting comfortably on 6k subscribers. From then on, he carried on to upload videos with his friends who go by the names of UK Clarkeyy , xMattyFTW12 , itsLaneyy , Superplasmaguy and Luke8892. His content offers fresh banter and many song parodies.

Personal Life

He grew up in East Sussex which is located in the UK. At some point during his life he was diagnosed with an eating disorder known as Coeliac disease. He played for a local football team for three years. His Youtube inspiration was Jacksepticeye. His biggest fear is heights and he stands by the quote "I make videos for fun and to entertain." (Information gained from his website)