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Llama Arts (born October 6, 1990 (1990-10-06) [age 27]) is a British YouTube channel that uploads animations of the horror stories read by another YouTuber known as Mr Nightmare. She animates these stories to give viewers a better visualization of the stories Mr. Nightmare reads.


Not much is known about Llama Arts's persona, as she has not shown her face yet nor told anything about herself. However, it is obvious that she has a interest in drawing and animating.

Llama Arts formerly made videos of her speed drawing and speed painting pictures of famous cartoon characters, but has since discontinued doing so once she started animating horror stories possibly because her animation videos appear to gain a lot more views than her drawing/painting videos.

At the end of the year (since 2015), Llama Arts uploads a compilation video consisting of 14 different animated horror stories, which are her more popular videos, as they both exceed 1 million video views, with the 2015 compilation being her most viewed video with 5.9 million views (and counting).