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Logdotzip, or Tyler, is a popular YouTuber who is famous for his Minecraft videos. With over 1 million subscribers, Tyler plays Minecraft Mini-games, parkour maps, adventure maps, and other Minecraft-related things. He mostly plays by himself but occasionally plays with other YouTubers, including, Skydoesminecraft, Minecraft Universe, Kkcomics, and many more.

Originally, Tyler's channel focused on Runescape, but eventually he grew tired of the game and pursued Minecraft. Some of his popular series include The Nomad (retired),  Crafting with Noobs (retired), and Only One Command. In Crafting with Noobs, Tyler plays with his best friend Sean, and his girlfriend Breann Brown, teaching them to be Minecraft pros. 

On April 25 his channel got suspended due to reports of spam; however, this was disputed and his channel returned three days later.

He has an in-game pet chicken named Drumstick, seen in many of his videos.

He currently resides in Colorado with his roommate Bobby, who has been in a few of Tyler's videos.

Ongoing Series

  • Only One Command
  • Minecraft Redstone Creations
  • Custom Maps
  • The Tempest Box (TTB)
  • Minecraft 1.10 News
  • Skyblock Survival

Ended Series

  • Crafting w/ Noobs (Season 1)
  • Modded Noobs (Season 2)
  • Crazy Craft : Cancelled
  • Cube Survival
  • Attack of the B-Team
  • Time Travelerd
  • Minecraft Tweaks
  • Mod Reviews
  • How to Minecraft Season 2 (How 2 Minecraft)
  • Endstone Survival
  • Blood and Bones
  • Minecraft 1.9 News
  • Custom Command Mod Pack (Season 1)

Series Information

How to Minecraft

The series began on September 14, 2014 and ended on March 15, 2015. Some of the other players on this SMP server include Choco the Choco (Kweh), Vikk, Pete, Jerome, and more. Some of his more notable projects include a mob museum, animal farms, and being one of the best pranksters.

This SMP server is a vanilla survival that lasted Tyler for 105 episodes. In the final episode, he uncovers some deep regrets he had about not collaborating with the other YouTubers on the server. He feels like he isn't going to be invited for the second season, but that news in yet to be revealed.

Stranded Raft

This series is on a custom map with the redstone implants of thirst, thermoregulation, and more. Tyler and Choco from KwehCraft started this series together on a rough start, having a second episode debate on whether to quit of restart it due to Tyler's deaths.

The custom map is based of the survival-indie style game Stranded Deep, where you are stuck on a archipelago of islands that house shipwrecks that you salvage for materials and food. Sharks that inhabit the real game's waters are replaced by harsh Guardians. No other hostile mobs spawn on the islands, but animals such as rabbits and chickens (seagulls, referring to the resources pack) do appear on some islands.

Only One Command

In this series, Tyler shows off custom "vanilla mods" he has found. He demonstrates how to install them and what they do.


  • Tyler hit 1,00,000 subscribers on April 30th, 2016
  • His birthday is November 6th.

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