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Ben Loller (born 10th April) also known by his channel name Lokey Games, is a gamer from the island Guernsey in the Channel Islands. Which is between the UK and France. His videos are a selection of games but he's mostly known for his Oculus Rift DK2 Demo Reviews and his The Forest videos.

Lokey or Ben is known for his way of interacting with fans and his slogans such as calling his fans homies and homettes and beginning a video by saying Lego. His end slate is also known for saying "if you give an incy wincy little bit of shit" about *given subject*. And his loving theme of Pirates.


Lokey created his channel on July 29th 2013. He started off making GTA and Minecraft videos amongst Eurotruck Simulator 2 and other random games. He played with his mates ThtBinkzyGuy, Raven Games, MsLindsVlog, Bulltramaxx, Smurf, NMLGLeslie, and Stark Plays. He soon started to upload Oculus Rift DK2 Demo Review after being sent an Oculus. These videos are what launched his channel specifically "Fall out a plane in virtual reality ". This video went viral earning him millions of views and thousands of subscribers. Since then its been a steady increase. 

He lives in Guernsey, Channel Islands with his mum. He used to work on the cliffs in Guernsey but stopped once he hurt his back. He doesnt socialise much because of severe anxiety but is confident with his channel. He has a girlfriend called Rosie who also lives in Guernsey but is studying in a performance art in Liverpool. Earlier in his channel he also had a child but he/she seemed to disappear later on. He originally also had a second channel called Mr Wang where he did Chatroulette videos. He now has a different second channel called Lokey Reviews which he uploads Cringe Compilations, Life of Lokey and Spooky Ass Sunday Ghost Videos. His Mr Wang channel still exists he just doesnt upload to it anymore. And if he does do Chatroulette videos again he will probably create a new one. 


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