Tyler Steinkamp (born March 6, 1995), better known as loltyler1, is a popular American Twitch streamer and YouTuber, infamous for his over-the-top toxic and tough guy personality.

He's best known for his League of Legends gameplay, though his videos stretch out to any and every genre. Sometimes he doesn't even do gaming videos, such as one stream where he parodied Bob Ross's The Joy of Painting. Perhaps the most amusing thing about him is his fanbase, who ridicule and mock him at every single turn, which is why there's almost always a Twitch chat taking up a sum of the video.


Tyler attended Central Methodist University and is known for his past as a football player. He lives in New London, Missouri with his girlfriend, Macaiyla, who intentionally got him banned on Twitch for a day by flashing the audience.

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