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Lonelygirl15 was a 16 year old girl named Bree, who quickly became popular on YouTube after posting a few videos talking about her life. She quickly gained a strong fan base, who started to get suspicious due to plot holes in "Bree's" video blogs. After research, it was concluded that Lonelygirl15 was a directed channel, and that "Bree" was in fact an actress named Jessica Rose.

Change in mood

The videos were originally light-hearted, but soon became dark after the show's fiction was revealed. Bree was revealed to be in the Hymn of One, a cover for the Order, which can be compared to the New World Order. Bree had a molecular signature known as a 'ribozyme' which made her 'trait positive'. This extended life and so therefore her blood was stolen and she died.


Soon, the videos fell into a 'soap opera' based-show, which led to "Bree's" death, due to blood loss after becoming involved in a religious cult. This gave way for another series: katemodern, which is considered into a British version.


  • She beat Geriatric1927 for the most subscribed, until Smosh later beat her in 2007.
  • She is the the one of the only three females to be most subscribed behind Brookers and lesser known most subscribed YouTuber, FilthyWhore.
  • Her YouTube channel was directed and considered fake, which then led to her downfall.

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