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Lonelygirl15 was a 16 year old girl named Bree, who quickly became popular on YouTube after posting a few videos talking about her life. She quickly gained a strong fan base, who started to get suspicious due to plot holes in "Bree's" video blogs. Research was done and it was revealed that Lonelygirl15 was in fact being directed, and that "Bree" was in fact an actress named Jessica Rose.

Change in mood

The videos were originally light-hearted, but soon became dark after the show's fiction was busted. Bree was revealed to be in the Hymn of One, a cover for the Order, which can be compared to the New World Order. Bree had a molecular signature known as a 'ribozyme' which made her 'trait positive'. This extended life and so therefore her blood was stolen and she died. The videos were disturbing by this point.


Soon, the videos became more 'soap opera' and finally 'Bree' died of blood loss after becoming involved in a religious cult. This gave way for another series: katemodern, which is a 'british' version.


  • She beat geriatric1927 to become most subscribed until Smosh beat her in 2007.
  • She is the first female to be most subscribed. 
  • Her YouTube channel was really directed. This is what caused her to close her channel down.

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