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George Welford (Born March, 2001) known as LongEaredFoxGaming, is the younger brother of LazerzZ. His channel is smaller than his older brother's, but they share similarities in thumbnails and editing style, even their intro and outro lines seem to be very similar.


Not unlike his older brother, George makes Assassin's Creed content, and co-hosts with his brother on their community channel known as 'Horsey & Fox'. He makes videos playing games, and most of these videos consist of apologies for not uploading.


  • George is almost 4 years younger than his older brother, James.
  • George lives in Northamton
  • George is noticably taller than his brother, James, standing at approximately 5'10", whereas his brother stands at approximately 5'6"
  • George Can't Make Original Content so he copies Every Other Channel Like (lazerzz) and (the creed)