Longest Video on Youtube - 42 hours

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Longest Video on Youtube - 42 hours

Video #
Link: watch
Rating: Unknown
User: peterhuh
Date Added: December 19, 2007
Length: 42:00:11
Description: Hi!

I manage to upload a video that is longer than 10mins. You can do it too! You do not need a director's account or an old account. All you need is to simple hex edit the avi file, before uploading to youtube.

And don't ask me why its just a blank video. I don't have a webcam. If you want to see a video of me, buy me a webcam. Then maybe, just maybe, i will post a 42 hours video of my boring everyday life. lol

Anyway, there is an easter egg at the last 11 seconds of the video.

Happy Waiting! ^^

Category: Entertainment
Tags: longest video youtube 42 hours timer quest waiting
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Transcript incomplete


Although the player says the video is 3 minutes, 36 seconds long, the timer in the video actually keeps counting up when 3:36 has been reached.

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