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LordJazor is a YouTube user and freelance voice actor most widely regarded by those aware of his work for his Mark Hamill Joker Impression which has continued to evolve. His primary focus on YouTube is performing villainous characters, mainly from Marvel and DC comics.


LordJazor was born on March 9, 1989 and has been a freelance voice actor online since 2006. He mentions in his 2011 video LordJazor Q&A...But More A This Time (Part I) that he has always wanted to be a voice actor since watching cartoons. He has also said that he receives paid work when it's offered and if it's a free gig, he will simply take it and include it as portfolio work.

Most of his ensemble work has been with Leik777 doing abridged work of animated media as well as the subsequent DCAbridgedUniverse work, mainly Young Justice Abridged. In most of his work with Leik777, LordJazor plays more than one voice role and is the go-to villain voice actor for the group.

He posts videos sporadically and not on any specific schedule because of his work and attendance to college in Chicago, reportedly studying radio but having worked in the film department and theatre department as well.


LordJazor tends to be sarcastic and silly in his videos when he is not performing. He says in his Sh*t Jazor Says video such phrases as "I hate everything," "You can't drink all day if you don't start in the morning," and "You are a colossal anus." He often slips into other voices during the course of conversation.

He also is a cosplayer, comic-con goer and the boyfriend of Tallest Silver. They have been together since July 14, 2011 according to his Facebook.

Top Five LordJazor Videos

1. Mark Hamill Joker Impression

2.Red Hood vs The Joker Parody

3. Rocky Road To Dublin (Sherlock Holmes Tribute)

4. Almost Got 'Im Impressions

5. Mark Hamill Joker Impression 2


  • He reportedly has often debated removing his very old Joker videos because he doesn't like how poor they are compared to how it has improved over time. He keeps them up to show progress.
  • He very much wants to get back to his short-lived, but fairly appreciated by a small circle, series Your Daily Dose Of Posh.
  • He has never actually had a proper singing lesson, but has played several musical insruments at points in his life.