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LostInPlace (or LiP) is a Youtuber that mostly posts Garry's Mod trolling videos in the gamemode DarkRP. He mostly post parts from his Twitch channel.

Booster Busters. (discontinued)

He decided to make a series of videos where he goes in boosting lobbies and tries to kill the boosters to make them rage and getting good reactions in the process.

Garry's Mod Trolling.

These videos consist mostly of the gamemode "Dark RP".

He trolls on the "Dark RP" servers by RDMing or Randomly killing people and making them rage.

The Goon Squad.

LostInPlace is a member of the "Goon Squad", The Goon Squad is a group of friends named KOSDFF TK, WhosChaos, Sharp TK, Hamz TK, and WayTooManyLlamas, they troll, do funny moments, and live stream together. (Mostly on their own channels)

Twitch Streaming

As of March 24, 2018, LostinPlace has stopped uploading highlight videos to YouTube. He has 2 main reasons for doing this, "They changed the YouTube man. They unmonetized about all my damn videos." and "I've been doing Gmod for, what it's been six freaking years now, it's a 15 year old game dude I'm pretty much over it" He only uploads short videos notifying subscribers he is live on Twitch. He deletes the videos after the stream is over.