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Sophia Totterman (born September 23, 2004 (2004-09-23) [age 12]) known best by her Youtube alias, LtCorbis is a 11 year old girl with high levels of humour. she is newer YouTuber who created her channel in August, 2015. She mostly creates satirical commentary videos on popular Youtube figures and her day to day life , as well as a few skits and parodies too. 

Her older brother Stephan (age 14) appeared in some of her videos, including 'Sophia's Bratty Toy Review', and appears in almost all of her livestreams.

History and Claim To Fame

Sophia's first video was posted on December 23rd , and , on Febuary 1st, 2016, posted another video, particularly higlighting the fine bros react world controversy.

Almost a month later, on March 10th, one of her videos was uploaded to the Pyrocynical Sub-Reddit and famed commentary YouTuber Pyrocynical mentioned her in a video, which caused her channel grew nearly 150,000% overnight.
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