Luisitorey (Luis Angel Torres) is a mexican channel that talks about daily things that people live in every life.

Luis is part of the the w2m crew, this crew are friends that get together and that do videos and do activities and even comercials together, this crew was started on 2006 by the Youtuber werevertumorro.

w2m Crew

  • Gabo
  • Luisitorey
  • werevertumorro
  • El Escorpion Dorado
  • Fedelobo
  • Alexmontiel
  • Esto es combo
  • Los Chilangos
  • Israel Gabriel
  • Felix
  • Wereverwero
  • mediovlog
  • Christian martell

The Start

Luisitorey started hes channel on 2006 and started to upload videos on 2011, he was allready on the werevertumorro crew, he started with simple blogs and with different situations that people go threw on hes life. for example hes videos of "La Primaria" that means elementary school, talks about different situations that happens on elementary school.


Hes popularity came when people on the crew like werevertumorro started to become more and more popular and started to become an icon on mexican YouTubers, so did luisitorey grew on popularity, he started to appear on more on werevertumorro videos to and to make more collabs with the crew. Today he has about 8 million subscribers including hes gaming channel, has a wife and a baby girl that was born on March 27, 2017.

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