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Austin Jacob Heikes as the Call of Duty games and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, while he tells stories about things which may have happened to him or could be made up, but is entertaining nevertheless. 

He currently has over 400,000,000 views on his channel.


  • Almost all titles of Luna’s videos are in all-caps.
  • He used to have a Face-Cam of him talking on his old videos, as he said the story while playing games.
  • His phone number has been leaked multiple times.
  • His thumbnails mostly consist of his Channel Icon photoshopped onto an image related to the story.
  • In a recent video Luna revealed that he dropped out of high school due to his anxiety problem and wanting to due YouTube and streaming full time. 
  • As mentioned in some of his commentaries, he has a fear of heights.
  • He identifies as a vending machine, said in his Q&A video