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Stefan "Skad" Obradović (born February 17, 1994 (1994-02-17) [age 22]), know as MAGIČNI VIDEO on YouTube, is a Serbian Youtuber who makes horror-centered videos. He lives in Valjevo, Serbia.


Stefan created his channel on 12 August 2013 as "LudiloMozgaMV". Then he posting many types os videos: tutorials, gaming, pranks (mostly on Omegle). His video pranks on Omegle today have a lot of views. In February 2014 he made his first vlog which is now most viewed video on his channel-"Vlog Mimi Oro - pica i jebo te oro!". He continued posting vlogs, gaming and pranks. In the middle of 2015 he start posting vlogs about Serbian TV series called Parovi. On 6 October 2015 he made first TOP 5 video. After that he continue to posting Top lists videos (mostly creepy facts). On 3 November 2015 he started with his mostly known series named "Jezive priče za laku noć" [English: Creepy stories for good night]. When he had about 60,000 subscribers his account was hacked.

Other Channels


  • On 4 June 2016 he created vloging channel named "Skad".

Don Skad

  • He also have a channel named "Don Skad" where he posting his songs.

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