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Stefan "Skad" Obradović (born on 17th February in 1994), known as MAGIČNI VIDEO on YouTube, is a Serbian Youtuber who makes horror-centered videos. He lives in Valjevo, Serbia.


Stefan created his channel on 12th August in 2013 as "LudiloMozgaMV". Then he started posting many types of videos: tutorials, gaming, pranks (mostly on Omegle). His video pranks on Omegle today have a lot of views. In February 2014 he made his first vlog which is now most viewed video on his channel-"Vlog Mimi Oro - pica i jebo te oro!". He continued posting vlogs, gaming and pranks. In the middle of 2015 he started posting vlogs about Serbian TV series called Parovi. On 6th October in 2015 he made first TOP 5 video. After that he continued posting Top lists videos (mostly creepy facts). On 3rd November 2015 he started with his mostly known series named "Jezive priče za laku noć" [English: Creepy stories for good night]. When he had about 60,000 subscribers his account was hacked.

Other Channels


  • On 4th June in 2016 he created vloging channel named "Skad".

Don Skad

  • He also has a channel named "Don Skad" where he posts his songs.