This page is about MCPE Remix, a YouTuber that plays Minecraft PE.

He usually does traps, tricks, tutorials and sometimes server videos.

He uploads once every 2–3 days and usually is active on his social accounts. He lives in the UK. He also, once in a while uploads intros on his second channel, craғтər gғх. His face and real name is still unknown. In the past, he did iOS tutorials.

Apart from YouTube, his most popular social account is Google+, with over 300 followers. Facts: He started in 23 December 2013. He doesn't use a computer for any of his videos. His most popular upload is a trap tutorial, when he showcases a trap in 0.10.4. It currently holds over 56,000 views. On average, he gets 20+ likes, and 0-5 dislikes (depending on time)

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