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MisterEpicMann (called MEM for short) is a channel by Nick Sjolinder and his friend Ian Deibert who joined YouTube on November 16, 2009. They are most famous for their video titled, How Animals Eat Their Food.


MEM primarily makes comedy videos ranging from 2–5 minutes long. Most of their videos are parodies of "How to" videos, such as How to Procrastinate, that are done in a ridiculous fashion.

By far their most famous video is How Animals Eat Their Food, which consists of Nick preforming impressions of different animals eating food for Ian. A sequel, labeled How Animals Eat Their Food Part 2, was released about a year later, and included multiple other YouTubers, such as Harley Morenstein, PrankvsPrank, and Rhett & Link.

MEM also has a second channel labeled MisterEpicMann2, which contains bloopers from their videos.