Let's Play Castle Crashers (Part 1) 1 2 Sapphire POV

Let's Play Castle Crashers (Part 1) 1 2 Sapphire POV

This is one of her Game plays, Please go Check it out!


Status: Active


MadMalice or Moongaze, Alicia, is a YouTuber famous for her Gameplay with The Walking Dead, Game Of Thrones, Castle Crashers, Vindictus, Sims, and Life is Strange. She owns 2 channels MadMalice her main channel, and The Aye List is a channel she does with friends. She is the sister of "The Quxxn" or "Quxxn", She started Youtube after her sister passed away. She started her own channel but now runs The Quxxn.


MadMalice is a fun and energetic girl when it comes to games. She uploads every so often but each time is worth it! She has great commentating and really shows her love for video games in her videos. Her videos' lengths range anywhere from 15-60 minutes.