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Margaret Lillian Adams (born August 9, 1986 (1986-08-09) [age 31]) better known by her stage name Magibon is an American Internet personality and YouTube celebrity on the video-sharing website YouTube.


Magibon was born in Florida, but lives in Pennsylvania as of 2008.Prior to her fame on YouTube,she learned to speak some Japanese phrases from watching Japanese television dramas, anime, and listening to Japanese music. She is not fluent in Japanese.


As of the end of 2010, Magibon had uploaded nearly 100 videos onto her YouTube channel since July 2006. Almost all her videos are in the form of video blogs, or vlogs, lasting under one minute, with most of them just showing her smiling silently into the camera. In a few of her videos, Magibon speaks or sings in broken Japanese. When asked whether she planned making the videos, she replied "I don't use scripts. There's no grand plan."

Magibon is a fan of Morning Musume, especially of former-member Ai Kago, Ai Kago's nickname is Aibon, So, -bon on magibon was taken from Ai Kago

In some of her YouTube videos, Magibon introduces herself by saying "Minna-san, Konnichiwa! Magibon desu." (Hello Everyone, I'm Magibon) after saying this, she remains quiet until the end of the video where she says "Bye bye".