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MagmaMusen is a Minecraft YouTuber who resides in Denmark. He or she is a smart Minecrafter, as he or she knows a lot about the game. He or she knows how to do tricks to make things that are not even in the game, and he or she knows the history of each mob. They primarily post top 10 fact videos on the subject of Minecraft, and tutorials on building also, in Minecraft.


  • MagmaMusen always do his or her videos in his/her little island.
  • He/she has used it since 2011 on his or her first video "How to make a fridge" when Minecraft were still in early stages.
  • Eventually he/she added more and more decorations to his/her island whenever he reaches a milestone (like reaching 1M subscribers) and recently he/she added a smaller island next to the original one so he/she could make tutorials about bridges.
  • He/she will add a waterfall at the background soon, as mentioned in his/her 1,000,000 subscribers special for his or her patrons.


  • MagmaMusen hates chickens.
  • MagmaMusen refuses to reveal his/her gender.
  • MagmaMusen has yet to speak in his or her videos at the time of writing.
  • At the time of writing, MagmaMusen has reached 1,000,000 subscribers.
  • MagmaMusen's logo is a pig in a suit, and calls his/her subscribers 'Piglets'.

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