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MahaloAdventure was a YouTube Let's Player from, who did educational videos, without commentary, on several video games, as well as normal let's plays of games with commentary.  Their last video was Lucha Fury Stage 11 - Archeology Lesson Part 3. which was posted on June 24, 2011.  


  1. Yakuza 4
  2. Prince of Persia Live Stream
  3. Resident Evil 5 Streaming Archive
  4. Saints Row 2
  5. Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Live
  6. Dynisty Warriors 7
  7. Sly 2:  Band of Thieves
  8. Nin-Jump 2
  9. Hunted Demon Forge Hardcore
  10. InFamous 2
  11. PS3 Live
  12. De Blob 2
  13. Hunted:  Demon's Forge Hardcore Walkthrough
  14. Marvel Superhero Squad:  The Infinity Gauntlet
  15. The Legend of Zelda:  Ocarina of Time
  16. LEGO Star Wars III:  The Clone Wars
  17. Alice Madness Returns
  18. The Prince of Persia:  The Sands of Time
  19. Devil May Cry 4
  20. Naughty Bear
  21. Bully
  22. Sly 3:  Honor Among Thieves
  23. Yakuza 3
  24. Thor:  God of Thunder
  25. Kung Fu Panda 2
  26. Marvel Ultimate Alliance
  27. LEGO Pirates of the Carribean:  Live Walkthrough
  28. Beyond Good and Evil
  29. The Bourne Conspiracy
  30. Mini Ninjas
  31. The Witcher 2
  32. Dead Rising Zombocalypse
  33. Lucha Fury
  34. Moon Driver
  35. Shadows of the Dammed
  36. Sega Ultimate Genesis Collection

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