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Maker Studios

Maker Studios is a media company that bridges the gap between YouTube and television. Maker is developing sustainable programming and building large audiences on YouTube with over 7.5 million subscribers and 700 million monthly views across more than 1,800 channels. Offerings to partners include development, production, promotion, distribution, sales, marketing and enterprise. Maker is dedicated to help cultivate new talent, take existing talent to the next level and build lasting brands with engaged audiences.[1]

Top Partners

XBOXneverKILLED. ERB - Over 5 million Subscribers

2. Tobuscus - Over 3 Million Subscribers

3. AdamThomsonMoran - Over 2 Million Subscribers

4. canalparafernalha - Over 2 Million Subscribers

5. KassemG - Over 2 Million Subscribers

6. Bad Lip Reading - Over 2 Million Subscribers

7. Zeldaxlove64 - Over 2 Million Subscribers

8. felipeneto - Over 2 Million Subscribers

9. Yourfavoritemartin - Over 2 Million Subscribers

10. MagicofRahat - Over 2 Million Subscribers

Major Projects

Social Media


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