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MarbleHornets is a YouTube channel that follows the events of a guy named "Jay" as he shows old videos back from the summer of 2006, Which are old tapes of his college friend by the name of Alex Kralie.


Season One (June 20, 2009 - April 18, 2010)

In the Introducton video, it says that there once was a college student named Alex Kralie who was working on a film named "MarbleHornets" with his friends, but producton stopped because Alex was stressed for an unknown reason. Alex gave his tapes of the MarbleHornets film to his friend named Jay and told Jay to burn them. Alex got transferred to a new school, and Jay completey forgot about the tapes for three years. After finding them in his closet, he starts to go through them and posts anything intresting he finds on the tapes as "Entries" on YouTube. After watching the tapes, Jay begins to search for Alex, and gets caught up in the conflict. Jay, like Alex, records himself at all times and has a mysterious entity known as "The Operator" stalking him. An unknown person known as "ToTheArk" begins leaving disturbing video responses to Jay's videos and it is unknown whether or not he is trying to help. After 26 entries, Jay decides to quit but shortly after he recieves a package containing a tape of Alex and his girlfriend, Amy. Amy begins recording which makes the Operator appear.