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Marcus Butler (born December 18, 1991) is a British YouTube Celebrity, vlogger and internet personality. He has appeared on one YouTubers React video with the FineBros, which is YouTubers React to Rejected. He also has a vlog channel, "MoreMarcus", where he posts daily vlogs and also "Vlogmas" in late 2013. He is in a relationship with YouTube vlogger, Niomi Smart.


"Malfie" is the collab name for Marcus and one of his best friends Alfie (PointlessBlog). They do lots of challenge videos together. They have done lots of different videos, including cooking tutorials and po box mail opening. When they film they make one video for MarcusButlerTV and one video for PointlessBlog. They have also tried and consequently failed the 120 chicken nugget challenge twice.


"Narcus" is the ship name for Marcus and his girlfriend Niomi (LadySmart, niomismart). They have filmed multiple videos together and live together in London.


Marcus, often appears on the YouTube channel GWROMG (abbreviation of Guinness World Records: Oh My God.) On this channel he and Alfie try to beat various Guinness world records, most of which are eating or food based. Most of the time the boys will be working against each other to try and get it but on occasions they will work together to try and beat it. When they are finding out what the challenge is they are handed a phone, which plays a video. Normally showing their friend Joe Sugg or as he is known on YouTube "Thatcherjoe", telling them that yet again it is a eating challenge.

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