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Tristen Evan Jones, (born April 16, 2001 (2001-04-16) [age 16]), is an American Gamer that was born in the USA.

He's known for his gaming videos, and occasionally Top 10 Videos.

He's been on YouTube for 5 years and currently has 1,100+ Subscribers.

Early life

Tristen Jones was born on April 16, 2001 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. He is the 2nd oldest of his family, born after his sister and before his brother. He discovered Video Games at the age of 3, and got his first console at the Age of 5. Jones is also a big Godzilla fanatic (Channel has some Godzilla Comedy videos originally made by TKToons). At the age of 7, Jones discovered YouTube by watching Channels like Smosh and Nigahiga, Jones then on dreaming about making a YouTube Channel and made his first Channel on February 28, 2012.

YouTube Career

Tristen Jones first made his first channel in 2012 called ChicagoBear210. At first, he wanted his channel to have Sports Highlights on the Chicago Bears. However he had a change of plans when he discovered the gaming community on YouTube especially from YouTuber Markiplier and SkydoesMinecraft. He then wanted to make gaming videos on all sorts of games such as horror, FPS and Fighting. Jones then started making videos with his best friend Carter Weaver (who he refers to as "CreativeJoe" in his videos.) Jones then took a long break from YouTube since he had a lot of school work on his hands, so he took a 4 Month break from YouTube, he ended up losing a lot of attention and views like he used to, but eventually gained it back once he recovered from the break.

After a long while of thinking, Jones finally decided to change his name, since he believed his name wasn't video game friendly. He changed his name to Marshall Law Gamer (his name is based off of Marshall Law from the Tekken Series). Once he changed his name, he changed the theme to his channel to Tekken, but still plays games of all sorts.

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Jones at the age of 15.

Current Life

Tristen Jones currently still lives in Cedar Rapids. He is a freshman that attends Jefferson High School. He plays sports such as Football, Basketball, Soccer and Baseball. Jones is bilingual (can speak English and Japanese) and is currently saving up money to go to Japan for foreign exchange.


  • Friendly
  • Annoying (Sometimes)
  • Determined 
  • Persistant yet Lazy
  • Angry (Sometimes, mostly when losing)


His Family/Friends



Making YouTube Videos 


Watching Sports 

The Japanese Language


Hateful Channels 




Evalion (YouTube Racist)

Games Played

Tekken 7 (2015 JP 2017 NA)

Tekken (1994)

Tekken 2 (1995) 

Tekken Tag Tournament (1999)

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (2011)

Garry's Mod

Grand Theft Auto V

Slendytubbies II 

Yandere Simulator 


Happy Wheels

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare 

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Fifa 16

Star Wars: Battlefront (2015)

Roblox (2004)

Sneak Theif 


Left 4 Dead 

Left 4 Dead 2


Five Nights in Anime 

Five Nights in Nintendo Land

Whack Your Neighbor 


April 10, 2014: 100 Subscribers

April 1, 2015: 500 Subscribers 

Feburary 24, 2016: 1000 Subscribers 

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