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It’s all about having fun. It doesn’t matter if I’m painting, shooting video or being an idiot on stage in front of friends and horrified strangers. But the coolest thing about making art of any sort is the way it connects people. What I make is not just for me. I want to entertain you, whether you’re peering over my shoulder or loading my picture in your browser. So thank you.

―Mary Doodles

Mary Gutfleisch (born December 27, 1987 (1987-12-27) [age 30]) known on YouTube as MaryDoodles is an American Artist & Actress. She is best known for her work as a prop and costume maker on the YouTube Channel Epic Rap Battles of History.


Mary grew up in Northfield, Minnesota where she was exposed to many opportunities to becoming an artist. Much of her drawing practice was done in the back of the classroom during lectures. She was also active in local theater productions, including acting and writing in a young adult variation of Saturday Night Live. She studied for two years at Columbia College Chicago, focusing on Filmmaking and Acting. Soon after dropping out she was in Hawaii working as a production assistant on TV shows and movies including Lost and FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL. After moving to Los Angeles, and working any creative job she could get, Mary became the art director of the Epic Rap Battles of History. In 2011 she launched her own YouTube channel and quickly built an audience. She was featured by YouTube’s On the Rise program and has since made video art for Disney, Tribeca, and a variety of musicians.


  • She won a 2013 Streamy Award for her costume work on The Epic Rap Battles of History
  • She sometimes preforms improv at the Westside Comedy Theater.