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Alex Oliver Brooks, more commonly known by his internet alias MarzBar, is a British vlogger/short film producer. He is most famous for his day in the life vlogs, where he records a certain event and uses heavy editing to portray art through his films


Alex started out making videos on YouTube back in 2009. Alex was an avid fan of the CoD community, watching Zerkaa's Montages, and following the OpTic team. He tried to make montages and commentaries, and received lots of hate due to his "under-par skill with the intervention" and "high, squeaky commentating voice". Alex quickly learned that YouTube wasn't the place for a "13-year-old with big dreams", so he stopped making videos. Two years later, with a "different mindset", and "a (bit of a) deeper voice", Alex started up again. His ambition was to "have people watch my videos interact, talk to me and comment on them".

On the 16th, November 2011, the channel 'MarzBarGaming' was created, where Alex played Minecraft, inspired by, at the time, Tom Cassell, or TheSyndicateProject. He made Minecraft videos for a "long-ass-time", ranging from online Survival Games to Let's Plays. People started commenting on his videos, and Alex was "just over the moon". Alex continued to upload videos and respond to comments. But, after a few months, Alex got bored of playing Minecraft and decided that he wasn't going to create Minecraft content since he didn't enjoy it. At this point, Alex noticed that people started to ask questions about his life and what he does with his time. Alex then changed his channel name from MarzBarGaming to MarzBar and decided he wanted to do videos about his life. Despite getting a lot of criticism for copying Casey Neistat's style, Alex did, in fact, start creating his vlogs before Casey. On the 28th July 2015, Alex surpassed 100,000 subscribers, and 77 days later, he hit 250,000.

Brooks TV

On January 19, 2015, Alex's main channel MarzBar was taken down due to an update in YouTube's Terms and Conditions that lead to some of his older videos being flagged as spam. Since Alex didn't think that he was going to get his original channel back, he opened a new channel, Brooks TV. On this channel, he started to do his new vlog style in which he heavily edited his videos to create something original out of his recordings.

Thanks to a campaign by Alex's fan base, #SaveMarz, Alex managed to get MarzBar back and has since closed BrooksTV.