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Maciek Becz, better known on YouTube as Master of Disaster, formerly 737SuperM737, is a Polish YouTube Gamer who makes his videos in English known for his SAMP (GTA San Andreas Multiplayer) videos in which he plays on different servers. He is most famous for his SAMP series in which he plays on Kevin’s (CallMeKevin) server with his friend Daniel (unknown channel).  SuperM’s channel is mostly based on GTA although he does do videos from other games as well. Besides the traditional Let’s Plays/Playtroughs he does Machinimas/Animations, One ofs, live streams and a “SuperM Plays…” series inspired by Nerd³ where he plays random games in fast cut edit style, those videos are usually comedic and long.

Currently SuperM is focusing on GTA V, which he will most likely play through entirely on his channel.  As he said on Twitter as well as in multiple of his videos, he will be making multiple series on GTA V as well as GTA Online.

A few months back he had a series called “Weekely Shorts” where every week he would release a Machinima/Animation type video from GTA IV but unfortunately that series was stopped due to “not having enough time because of school”. Hope fully that series will be restarted once again.