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Mastermilo82 is a Dutch YouTube channel ran by a group of people who live near the border between Belgium and the Netherlands. The channel is best known for its unusual creations, including the Rollgolf and Wipkar.


The Mastermilo82 account was created in October 2006, and has grown steadily since then. The channel's creator, Milo, had been a banger racer for several years before making the channel, and as such had significant experience in mechanics. Milo decided to create the channel to show the numerous things the 'Sas Team' (named after the street the farm where the videos are normally filmed at is on, Het Sas) do with cars that are either donated to them by viewers or bought from local scrapyards.

In 2016, the workshop used to build the channel's creations caught fire and burnt down, destroying numerous vehicles in the process. Despite the loss of the workshop, the channel is still active and producing videos and creations.