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Matthew Gibson (born on January 20, 1970 (1970-01-20) [age 48]) known professionally by his YouTube stage name as MattG124 is a 48-year old Candian Streamer, YouTuber, comedian, vlogger, internet personality and cancer patient. He is most known for his unfunny videos, vlogs and sketch comedy. He started making videos in 2006 and made a second channel a year later called "mattgformayor." He is best known for being the chillest bud and having a pretty good time and also chillaxin to the maxin and being a real funny dude to watch on the internet; everyone loves him. He also has a channel with his lover Jay called "GameOrShame."

Personal Life

Matt was born on 20th January 1990 in Strathroy, Ontario. He dies at some point in the future, but that current date is in debate. Matt typically spends his time in a local park asking strangers if they want a self portrait painted by his willy.

He also donated almost 80% of his life helping teach the ways of integrating into society to young, underprivileged youth who watch him streaming on


In 2017, Matt fell in love with the man of his dreams - Lance (pictured below). It is unknown how close their relationship currently is, though Lance can be seen 'nutting' in many of Matt's Discord chats. Little does Matt know he's only a side hoe on the down low.

Very reguarly Matt is approached by supermodels who are very VERY intersted in sex, they are turned down do to Matt's already exisiting relationship with the lord of the moles. He is super loyal to that lord.

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Lance squatting beside his and Matts new car


In 2018, Matt underwent an operation to transition into a female. This was a success, and he now lives his life forever stuck in his 'scene' phase. His favourite phrase tends to be "Rawr XD"


Matt's new identity as a 'scene' girl.

Professional Work

Unbeknownst to many he is actually really good at being an actor he has been really good at other things too and is probably the funniest streamer that has ever been on the internet, Matt has had previous roles and cameos in many films. One of his most successful was The Hobbit series', in which he played the role of a dwarf. Essentially any role that involves having a beard, Matt would show interest in.


Matt in his most successful role as a Dwarf.

In 2015, Matt was backup vovals for a guns and roses concert, not many people are aware of it that actually happened for real.

Matt has also pursued world records many times in the past. While he hasn't often been very successful, he did manage to obtain one world record. This was for putting clothespins into his beard, but due to the sheer stupidity of the task, people don't count it as a reputable record.


Look at this dumb idiot and his peg beard

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