Mathewmatosis is a YouTuber who does in depth, analytical-style videos about video games.  On average an analysis from Matthewmatosis can be from 30 minutes, to 45 minutes, to even an hour or longer.  He doesn't focus on entertainment value in his reviews, and instead favors a structured, analytical, and some have said even dry style, wanting to deconstruct the game he's talking about, which has earned him some criticisim since he first joined YouTube back in 2011.  He also has as second channel, which he created in 2014, called Matthewmatosis Extra, where he does live streamed content.  


  1. Matthewmatosis
  2. Matthewmatosis Extra


Matthewmatosis Videos

Game Reviews/Analysis

Metal Gear Solid Reviews
  1. Metal Gear Solid Review
  2. Metal Gear Solid 2 Review
  3. Metal Gear Solid 3 Review
  4. Metal Gear Solid 4 Review
  5. Metal Gear Solid:  Peace Walker Review
Zelda Reviews
  1. The Legend of Zelda:  Ocarina of Time Review
  2. The Legend of Zelda:  Major'as Mask Review
  3. The Legend of Zelda:  The Wind Waker Review
  4. The Legend of Zelda:  Twilight Princess Review
  5. The Legend of Zelda:  Skyward Sword Review
Mario Reviews
  1. Super Mario 64 Review
  2. Super Maro Sunshine Review
  3. Super Mario Galaxy Review
  4. Super Mario Galaxy 2 Review
  5. Super Mario 3D World Review
Other Reviews
  1. Antichamber Review
  2. Wonderful 101 Review
  3. The Stanley Parable Review
  4. Uplink Review
  5. The Legend of Zelda:  The Wind Waker HD Review
  6. The Last of Us Review
  7. Metal Gear Solid:  Revengeance Review
  8. Bioshock Infinite Critique
  9. Catherine Review
  10. Portal 2 Review
  11. Dark Souls 2 Critique
  12. Downfall Review

Underrated Games

  1. Underrated Games - Ghost Trick
  2. Underrated Games - SpaceChem
  3. Underrated Games - Dustforce


  1. New 'N' Tasty/Abe's Odyssey Comparison
  2. Journey and Dear Esther Comparison
  3. The Legend of Zelda Comparison


  1. Demon's Souls Commentary
  2. Pac-Man & Scoring
  3. Tetris - A Perfect Game?  
  4. Dota 2 as a Competitive Game

Matthewmatosis Extra Videos

  1. Bayonetta Infinite Climax
  2. Dustforce
  3. Wonderful 101
  4. The Kamiya Dream
  5. Splatoon Multiplayer
  6. Matthewmatosis Extra Live Streams