Matthwiz97 is a male YouTuber who makes analytical content about anime.  He originally created his channel back in 2013, but didn't start making videos until early 2017.  His most popular video, by far, is a response to Digibro's video criticizing the anime community, from the perspective of someone who agrees with almost everything he said.  

Various Channels

  1. Matthwiz97 (created in 2013, started uploading in 2017, anime analysis content)
  2. MatthWiz97X (created in 2012, gaming and wrestling content)
  3. Matthwizandkeyshawn (created in 2010, classic wrestling content)
  4. ClutchShot219 (created in 2012, classic gaming content)


  1. My Hero Academia is Badass
  2. Naruto is Terrible, Yet Fascinating
  3. It's Okay to Like Bad Anime
  4. How Fuuka Lost Me in One Episode
  5. Guilty Pleasures Shouldn't Exist
  6. My "Top 5 AMV'S" Video Misses It's Own Point
  7. My Anime Journey
  8. Be Like Digibro
  9. The Adaptation Problems
  10. How Analysis Videos Will KILL Your Opinions
  11. Kurapika vs. Sasuke Uchiha - A Thematic Breakdown
  12. Sword Art Online Is Money
  13. Attack on Titan and My Hero Academia Season 2: What Should You Expect?
  14. Why Gurren Lagann's First Episode Is The Best

External Links

  1. Twitter
  2. MyAnimeList


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